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Proposal Submission Guidelines

Objective: To ensure compliance with Federal regulations and requirements as well as with the policies, procedures and guidelines of the University. 

Please consider the timeline outlined below as the minimum amount of time needed. 

  • Complete the Proposal Information Form (below), 15 days prior to sponsor deadline
  • Finalize Budget, 5 days prior to sponsor deadline
  • Final proposal documents ready for submission, by 12:00 pm the day prior to sponsor deadline 
  • Internal Approval Form (IAF): approvals secured prior to proposal submission

Proposals that involve subcontracts, cost-share, course-buyout, and course-release require additional time to secure approvals.  Any proposal to a foreign agency requires an export review completed prior to submission.

The timely submission of proposals for review allows for identification of any elements of a proposal that are at variance with Sponsor and/or University policy.  Principal Investigators are responsible for engaging research administrators as early in the process as possible with the understanding that proposals require collaboration for the development of project budgets and administrative elements of the proposal. 

During major deadline periods, additional processing time will be required.  Our office may find it necessary to adjust the timeline to meet deadlines. If a PI is unable to meet the submission guidelines, every effort will be made to submit the proposal by the sponsor-stated deadline.  The PI will accept the risk of non-compliance for proposals processed outside the submission guidelines.