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TA/LA Application Website

Welcome to the TA/LA Application website!

Learning Assistants (LA’s) are motivated undergraduate students who serve as learning coaches and mentors for students, while supporting instructors with teaching-related tasks. LA’s are assigned to a particular course, and they work closely with instructors to provide challenging and meaningful learning experiences for enrolled students. There are two types of LA’s: LA coaches (primarily responsible for assisting with learning activities) and LA tech support/graders (primarily responsible for assisting with grading and technical support in the course).

LA coach requirements:
  • earn grade of A- or A in the assigned course
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher
LA tech support/grader requirements:
  • earn grade of A in the assigned course
  • GPA of 3.3 or higher
  • senior standing (or, in some cases, junior standing)

Teaching Assistants (TA's): Assistantships are provided as aids to completion of advanced degrees. As such, they should be related to the graduate student's disciplinary field and wherever possible tied to the student's program of study so as to contribute in a relevant manner to the student's professional development. To effectively make such a contribution, the supervisor of the assistantship necessarily serves in a mentoring role, which requires regular interaction, close communication, and feedback with the graduate assistant, including clear expectations for satisfactory fulfillment of the assistantship duties. Assistantships may require work in the classroom or the laboratory, in research, or in other areas on campus, with the opportunity for professional development further benefiting from and enriched by the scholarly environment of the University. As such, assistantships are limited to degree-seeking students enrolled in residence. Approximately 3,000 assistantships are awarded annually.